Converting from Ticket Transaction Custom Fields to Ticket Custom Fields

Dear RT gurus,

A customer or ours using RT 3.6.5 has an issue with their custom fields not
showing up in reports (using scripts they’ve configured from RT-remind by
D.T. Bishop). They say it’s worked before, so i suppose the system broke
when we migrated & updated their RT from their old sever to the new one.

I’ve narrowed it down to the fact that their Custom fields (“Project” and
"Problem caused by") are applied to Ticket Transactions when they really
should be applied to Tickets. This is confirmed by the fact that i created
a Ticket-applied custom field which i can get to show in the reports by
modifying their code to show my custom field.

My question, after all this verbose preamble is this: Can i change the
Custom Field “Applies To” attribute to point from its current value “Ticket
Transaction” to “Ticket” without anything going wrong? Or to put
differently, What can go wrong if i change the Applies To attribute from
"Ticket Transaction" to “Ticket”? Is the process reversible? What should i
check or fix before i flip the switch?

Best regards,

~Robin Laurén