Converting from mysql to postgres in RT 3.6.0

I am attempting to convert from a relatively modern 3.4.5 RT+mysql
4.1.11installation to a brand new
3.6.0+Postgres 8.1.4 installation.

The wiki doesn’t quite cover all the issues, in particular, I haven’t
figured out how to get attachments across properly. Is there a tool or
procedure out there that is known to work?

–extended-insert=false because postgres doesn’t do extended inserts

–compatible=mysql323 comes closest to working thus far.

–compatible=postgresql is a joke

–default-character-set of UTF8 seems to help

am trying

mysqldump -p --complete-insert rt3 --extended-insert=false
–compatible=mysql323 --default-character-set=UTF8 --user=root > dump1.sql

edit the dump file to comment out the lock tables and unlock tables

statements, and convert the “drop table if exists” into “delete from”

run mysql2pgsql.perl on the file ( segvios)

psql -f dump.sql # blows up on about 5% of attachment insert lines like

psql:m2.sql:661: ERROR: syntax error at or near “2006” at character 44117

psql:m2.sql:661: LINE 1: …/Producer(GPL Ghostscript 8.15


Mike Taht
PostCards From the Bleeding Edge