Converter issue on convert from RT2 to RT3

I’m working with the converter tool to migrate data from RT2 to RT3.
We’re finally getting off our old RT2 system, and trying to get
things rolling on RT3.

The two machines are actually two different systems. I assume this
shouldn’t be a problem, as I just run the RT2-to-dumpfile on the old
machine, and the dumpfile-to-RT3 on the new one.

Using the instructions in the README, I have the rt2-to-dumpfile
piece setup. It starts to run, but I get this:

Can’t write to ‘!!RT_LOG_PATH!!/rt.log.4925.0’: No such file or
directory at /usr/share/perl5/Log/Dispatch/ line 69.


  1. The fact that the data lives on two different machines shouldn’t
    be a problem, right?

  2. What’s causing the error I’m seeing, and how do I diagnose?