Conversion of mysql to pgsql database


I have a large mysql/RT installation that I would like to convert to
Has anyone here done this?

I’ve tried the script: ‘rt3-on-pg-to-mysql’ which can be tailored to
work from mysql to pgsql (this bombs out when it reaches the attachments
table and loses the server).

I’ve also tried, which I can’t get to work.

It seems my database is just to big, or at least the Attachments table is.

Any additional information appreciated.

Kind regards.


Hi Luke,

perhaps I had a analog problem while importing sql-dump from one
RT-instance in another. Import went well until a special data record.
This record was very long.

On mysql there is a server configuration parameter max_allowed_packet
(you can set this in my.cnf for example) which I had to increase to
import the sql-dump of another RT-instance.

Does your mysql-dump-output look consistent? (means: max_allowed_packet
large enough to export the records)
Is there a equivalent configuration parameter in Postgres to allow
imports of really big records?

Hope, this helps,
greetings Olaf