Contrib: ScripCondition Crontab

The attached ScripCondition will give the ability to perform certain
conditions at certain times of the day, utilising a format very similar to
crontab(5), hence the name.

Apart from this change, it is a plug-in replacement for the default

The time values are kept in the Argument of the ScripCondition.
Obviously, to have differing times of the day, you will need to create
different ScripConditions using different time ranges in the argument.
The attached insert_condition Template gives the default ‘* * * * *’ (any

Multiple time values can be given in one Argument, by using the ':'
character to seperate them. Multiple Transaction types can be matched by
playing with the ApplicableTransTypes field.

The main usage of this ScripCondition would be to give a different
auto-reply outside office hours.

A walkthrough of the programming of this ScripCondition will be sent to
rt-users in due course.


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