CONTRIB: Quickpicks Element for WebRT


Using Bruce Campbell’s JumpBar as a starter (thanks, Bruce!) I’ve put
together an Element for the WebRT interface called “Quickpicks”. It’s an
element in a titlebox (much like the Quicksearch element) which does
essentially what Bruce described – pop open a new browser window in
response to a menu selection – with a couple of twists:

  • Does a simple indexOf to see if the URL is within RT; if so, changes
    this window’s location instead of popping a new one.

  • Resets the menu to the top choice after a choice is made.

  • If you’re a privileged user, you’ll get three predefined searches:
    “Unresolved Tickets I Own”, “Unresolved & Unowned Tickets”, and “All
    Unresolved Tickets”

  • There’s a broken search for “Unresolved Tickets I Requested” in there
    that I’m working on; it doesn’t work yet because I don’t understand
    something or another. =\

To add this to our RT Start Page, I did:

  • Put the file in RTHOME/WebRT/html/Elements

  • chmod a+x Quickpicks

  • Add these two lines to RTHOME/WebRT/html/index.html

    <& /Elements/Quickpicks &>

… above or below these two lines:

<& /Elements/Quicksearch &>

You may also want to add it to your Search/Listing.html and other places
as well.


Jim Meyer, Geek At Large

Quickpicks (4.03 KB)