Contrib: OnOwnerChangeGroup (RT 2.0.x)

The attached RT::Condition and example insert script will fire under the
following conditions:

If the Owner is being changed

The new Owner is a member of the group mentioned in the Argument.

This is used in conjunction with the previous SetKeyword RT::ScripAction,
in the following manner:

OnOwnerChangeToGroupName SetKeyword with template Keyword_Group

It is assumed that one has already set up various groups of people (for
instance, in a tiered helpdesk system, the different levels ). The
Argument for the ScripCondition is simply the name of one of these groups,
and is passed to RT::Group->Load() .

Refer to my previous mail for SetKeyword template specifics.

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insert_condition_OwnerChangeGroup.pl_template (1.81 KB) (1.35 KB)