Contrib: LDAP user import utility

Hi all,

I’m happy to contribute this new utility.
Jesse, please add it to the contrib directory.

I tried to make it as universal as possible, so perhaps it’s
a good candidate to main RT distribution?

See the README below and the TAR archive attached.

The utility for importing the RT users from LDAP directory

Author: Stanislav Sinyagin

This script is written as generic as possible, but tested
in Microsoft Active Directory/Exchange 2000 environment only.

Usage: ./ options…
Options ([M] means mandatory, [O] means optional):
–server hostname [M] LDAP server
–port port [O] LDAP TCP port. Default: 389
–ldapver 3|2 [O] LDAP version. Default: 3
–binddn dn [O] Bind DN
–bindpw password [O] Bind password
–basedn dn [M] Base DN
–filter filter [O] Search filter. Default:
–uidattr attr [O] Username attribute. Default:

rtimportldap.tar (20 KB)