Contrib: Bugzilla 2.14.2 -> RT 3.0.6


I recently wrote a script to transfer our bug reports from Bugzilla
2.14.2 to RT 3.0.6. It’s quite basic and very sparsely documented. The
script is not trying to automatically create users, queues, permissions,
custom fields, or anything else except the ticket history, a status, the
owner, requestor and attachments.

The script uses the RT API where it can, but also goes directly into the
DB and mucks around with records, i.e. you better back up the DB first
and expect RT to blow up after you ran the whole thing.

I assume the script works only against an RT instance with no tickets.
You need to modify a couple of variables interspersed throughout the
code, i.e. you better read all the comments in the source code first
(it’s not like there are many anyway) :-).


P.S.: I’m wearing kneecap protectors now. :slight_smile: (11.5 KB)