Continued problems with incoming email in RT

Hello list,
I’m seeing another problem in RT4.2.8, apart from mail never being deleted
by RT itself. I’m using as my email address for all
incoming tickets, with ‘+queue’ added to the username. tickets+graphics,
tickets+it, and so on.

To support this, I have filters set up in the Gmail account we use for the
tickets address, so that each “+queue” goes to the right folder. That is, is labeled as “technology” and skips the inbox, for
instance. This works well, letting each message go to its own folder.

In my fetchmailrc for RT, I then have a separate section for each queue,
with each checking its own folder. I’ll paste my full file below, with the
email domain changed but otherwise exactly how it is on the server. The
problem I’m seeing is that tickets to graphics work fine, but every other
address goes to the general queue. I can’t figure out why this is
happening, because the sections should all be the same save the queue,
folder, and usernames. Anyway, here’s the file; domain1 is the email
domain, of our primary website, while domain2 is the domain where I’m
hosting the test RT for now:

set daemon 300

poll proto IMAP:

#this one works
username password …
mda “/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --url
–queue general --action correspond”
options ssl

#this, too, works, putting messages into the graphics queue
username password …
mda “/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --url
–queue graphics --action correspond”
options ssl folder graphics

#RT checks this folder, but puts its messages into the general queue
username password …
mda “/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --url
–queue Technology --action correspond”
options ssl folder technology

#this does the same as the technology section
username password …
mda “/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --url
–queue ‘customer service’ --action correspond”
options ssl folder customer_service

Alex Hall
Automatic Distributors, IT department