Content search does not seem to work

I tried to do a search of all my tickets for a specific word using Query Builder’s [Content] [matches] [(specific word)] but it does not turn up with results, even for words that I know exist in several tickets.

I have also tried [fulltext:(specific word)] and it still does not turn up with results.

I was wondering if anyone could help me understand what I am doing wrong. Thanks.

Hello, did you set up the fulltext search in RT_SiteConfig? See for details.

Hello Petr,

I looked at the link and it appears to be above my understanding of RT, which is more as a user and less as an administrator.

I was wondering if you could look at the attached snapshot from our RT configuration and suggest whether the next step is something simple I could do, or whether I should approach one of our IT staff (which I would like to do only if necessary, since they are busy).