Contacts Database

Searching the RT mail list this issue has come up a number of times, but I didn’t find any suggestions…

As customer (non-priv user) details are placed in to RT quite a substantial customer contacts database is created. However it seems the only way you can get a list of customer contact details is to permit Administrative rights to privileged users and then require them to mine the database for the list of non-priv users, select the appropriate user and get all of their details.

Has anyone done anything to allow their tech support engineers to get an interface containing a summary table that lists all users in the database, both priv and un-priv, showing their cotact details?

Even better, as anyone achieved this allowing the tech support person to sort by various options (for example by Company) or an interface that includes the ability to search the user database by various contact details (including first name, last name, employer, etc…)