Consolidating queues

Hi, we currently have queues for each staff member. Over time, the number of queues grow and old queues are occasionally used for searching.

I’d like to copy or move all the tickets from old user queues to general queues and disable the old queues. Is this possible? Do I need to use SQL at the DB level?

You can do a search for tickets in your queue(s) and on the search results page you can do a bulk update and move tickets in bulk. Depending on how many tickets there are this could still be a little tedious

There would be many tickets and I would want to move or copy all of them.

It should be possible to do a bulk update from within RT:-

  • Do a search for the tickets you want to allocate to a specific queue. You may also need to set the Rows per page to Unlimited so you don’t have to page through the results.
  • In the search results page, check it’s what you want, and then click “Bulk Update” at the top
  • At the bottom of this page, under “Update multiple tickets”, select the queue you want to move them to


Doing this will likely change the “Last updated” date.This should not be a major issue as you’ll still have the other dates such as created/resolved etc. But if you have any scripts etc that rely on this date, you may need to script this so it doesn’t update the last updated date.

Queues can’t be completely deleted in RT, but they can be disabled to prevent them from showing up anywhere.

If you have lots of tickets, it’s possibly better to do this in the command line e.g. rt-crontool etc to find the tickets and run some action on them.