Confusion over email scrip change on upgrade


I’m testing an upgrade from 3.8.10 to 4.2.3 and I’ve noticed a
difference in behaviour of a scrip. In both instances I have the
following scrip applied to a queue:

Description: on comment admincc
Condition: On Comment
Action: Notify AdminCcs
Template: Admin Comment
Stage: TransactionCreate

If I comment on a ticket that has an owner in our 3.8.10 instance it
does not send emails to the queue AdminCcs (if I do it as root the scrip
is listed along with all the email addresses, but the checkboxes are empty).

However, doing the same thing in my 4.2.3 instance does send mail to the
queue adminCcs (again the script and email addresses are listed, but
this time the checkboxes are checked).

Reading through the documentation I think the 4.2.3 way is actually what
is meant to happen (but not what we want). Any ideas? Have I done
something wrong in my upgrade?

Thanks in advance,


Please ignore this, it seems that nothing has changed. I was obviously
confused over how AdminCcs worked in our current version. Sorry for the