Configuring home page components for all users

Is there any way one can change the default home page configuration for
all users.

I can change the configuration for myself by going to home page and
clicking Preferences, then click “RT at a glance” which brings up
configuration section. But this needs to be done for all users,
including ones that may get added in future.

Changing “Homepagecomponents” in or redefining
Homepagecomponents in does not seem to help.
I can probably use a kluge (which I am trying to avoid) where I can
change the following portion in /Elements/MyRT by ignoring some portlets:
% for my $portlet (@{$portlets->{body}}) {
<% _show($portlet) %>

% }

I am trying to remove “10 newst unowned tickets”, “10 highest priority
tickets I own” and “QuickCreate” from the home page.

Is there a better way?