Configure emails for SMIME encryption


I want to have SMIME feature for emails to my running version of RT
(RT 3.8.4). I manually installed the RT-Crypt-SMIME module available
at CPAN. As mentioned in the read-me file of RT-Crypt-SMIME module I
modified my as follows:

 1  use RT::Crypt::SMIME;
      2 Set($OpenSSLPath, ('/usr/bin/openssl'); # or wherever  

openssl lives
3 Set($SMIMEKeys, ‚(’/ngs/app/rt3/etc’); # This directory
should contain RT’s private keys and certificates in address.pem files
4 Set($SMIMEPasswords, { address => (‘squeamish
ossifrage’); # The private passphrases for RT’s private keys
5 @MailPlugins = (qw(Auth::MailFrom Auth::SMIME));

When I saved and restarted the apache server, the server failed to
restart. However when i marked line no. 4 as comment, the server
started successfully.

I wanted to know how to obtain passphrase for RT private keys. Further
what is the process of creating address.pem files.