Comments on Asset change?


Is it possible to log a comment on an asset when we change a field? It’d be useful to include in the audit log a reason for why something has changed without needing to raise a ticket.


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I’ve started going down the rabbit hole of adding “comments” support to Assets in the same fashion as with Tickets, but this is starting to get quite complicated. Mainly because updates to Assets is done differently than Tickets, so I’m needing to abstract some code, copy’n’paste from into and generally delve into working out how Tickets and Assets are updated.

The crazy thing is my test case for using the API works nicely, but modifying the web interface is … trickier.

So, a question for Best Practical. Should I continue down this hole? Should I look at implementing Comments with Assets differently than Tickets? Should I back track and perhaps add a different Transaction type? Should I just give up?

I spent a bit of time last week working on this topic, and now I can post a comment on an asset using the web interface.

It would be nice to hear from Best Practical if this is something that would be of interest.