CommandByEmail confusion

To all,

I am VERY confused. I went to Bestpractical 

( to download the
CommandByEmail Extension. I am on 3.6.4 so I’m unsure that “.06” will
work for me. I went to “insatlling Instruction” and it mentioned the
install commands and also about the patch, which I don’t believe I need.
What seemed to be missing was how to download “CommandByEmail.05"
directly into /opt/rt3/xxxx. just the patch. So, I then went to
"overview” and saw the Download for .06, but that downloads directly
onto my desktop. I thought I was supposed to download directly into
/opt/rt/xxxxx and then run the make install and then change my RT Config
file to get this to work and I can’t even get the thing to download
correctly to start with.
I was hoping this would be a simple effort to find the software,
download it into my /opt/rt/ directory and run the installation
commands. For a UNIX newbie, this just isn’t the case.
I need some help on how to get the “CommandByEmail” (version .05) to
install into my Unix session in the directory /opt/rt/whatever so I can
run the install commands and get this up and running.
Please help. THanks.