CommandByEmail and Custom Field problems

Hi, all.

We recently installed the CommandByEmail patch to our v3.4.5 RT
instance. We’re experiencing a problem, as follows:

When an unprivileged user submits a commandbyemail to RT, the command
only works if it is not for a custom field. For instance, an
unprivileged user could send the command “Priority: 8” and the command
would succeed. However, if the unprivileged user sends a command
for a custom field, the command fails. For instance, the
unprivileged user could send the command “CF.{Name_of_Requestor}: Mr
Foo” and the custom field value for Name_of_Requestor does not change.

The only way the CommandByEmail works for Custom Fields is if the
subby is a member of a User Group (not a pre-defined System Group),
and that group has ModifyCustomField rights to a given custom field.

I read in the mailing list archive that someone else was having this
same problem with v3.4.4. Only one person replied to that request,
saying that giving “Everyone” Add- Modify- and AdminCustomFields
allowed them to get around the problem, but that they were also using
v3.6.1. I’ve given the ModifyCustomField and the SeeCustomField
rights to Everyone, Unprivileged Users, and Privileged Users. My
unprivileged user can see the Custom Field when logged into RT, but
can’t edit the CF, either via email or when logged in.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem? I’ve tried just
about every combination of group rights I can think of, but nothing
seems to allow unprivileged users to modify the values in Custom
Fields. I’m wondering whether this is just a bug with our version of

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Andy Jones
User Support Manager