Clone ticket to different queue

Hi folks.

After 15 years of using RT there is a problem now I do not want to solve by fiddeling the source code too much. I shiped around the same thing several times but cannot do any more.

We use RT 4.4.1.

There is the need to clone a ticket with a lot of custom fields to another queue and link it. So lets say we need to use the Create-button in the Links-section include choosing the destination queue. The staff working on the destination queue should not have the ModifyTicket right on the origin queue. So they cannot move the new created ticket themselves.

I found RT-Extension-SpawnLinkedTicketInQueue but it doesn’t work for 4.4 and up.

Is there anybody with a solution or an idea to work around?

Regards, Andre.

If you have a test or development RT environment set up, you may want to give that extension a try there. I think (I did this to test some extensions we use when we went to 5.0) you’d just need to update the Makefile.PL file and change the following value before you install it.

rt_too_new '4.4.0';

Setting it to 4.6.0, for example, should let it install. Not sure what breaking changes there were between 4.2 and 4.4.1, but I suppose that’s why you’d try it in dev first.

Yes, this will be my very last try and we have to test it on v5, anyway :+1: It has to work the next few years so ist has to work on v5, too.

Thats why I search for other ideas or solutions, first :slight_smile: But I’ll give it a try if there is nothing else.