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When creating a ticket in RT is it possible when copying and pasting a URL into the ticket for the links to be clickable rather than being shown as plain text I thought it would be something straight forward in the RT_Config file like:

if TrustHTMLAttachments is not defined, we will display them

as text. This prevents malicious HTML and javascript from being

sent in a request (although there is probably more to it than that)

Set($TrustHTMLAttachments , undef);


If PreferRichText is set to a true value, RT will show HTML/Rich text

messages in preference to their plaintext alternatives. RT “scrubs” the

html to show only a minimal subset of HTML to avoid possible contamination

by cross-site-scripting attacks.

Set($PreferRichText, undef);

I set these both to true values but it did not work? As you can probably tell I am a newbie to RT so if anyone could shed any light on this matter it would be much appreciated.


Matthew Townsend
Unanimis IT
Desktop Support Engineer
ex 7454

I recently enabled Clickable Links
(Request Tracker Wiki) in RT, and it’s
working great.

However, a few folks have reported broken links or links running off of
the page.


If you add the link in IE, then it breaks because IE doesn’t expand the
Comment box, it just wraps within the box.

If you add the link in Firefox, then it expands the box so that the link
doesn’t wrap, so when saved, the link still works.

If you then look at the link in IE, it knows to wrap it, and the link
still works.

If you look at the link in Firefox, the link works, but it scrolls off
of the screen. Which, doesn’t look good, but you can either scroll or
just click the link to follow it.

This might be purely a browser issue, not RT related at all, but I
thought I’d see if anyone else has run into this issue and come up with
a solution.

Thanks much!

Patrick Turner

Sysems Administrator - Corporate Operations

Marchex, Inc.

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