Clearing data for a killed ticket from the Attachments table

Hi, all,

I wasn’t able to find this question asked before, so I’m hoping one of
you has the magical answer for me.

My RT (I’m running RT 2) played catch with another company’s ticket
tracking system for approx. 12 hours yesterday, generating a 2.6 GB
Attachments.myd before we caught it. As a result, I have over 6,000
records related to the ticket in my Attachments table. I didn’t think
killing the ticket would take care of the problem, but I tried anyway.
No luck.

So, now I have a dead ticket and still a huge Attachments.myd. Anyone
have suggestions on cleaning up this mess? I was just going to do a
delete in mysql on the table matching the subject line of the email that
went back and forth, but we were afraid that might confuse rt at some
later point in time.