Clean Install CSS issue

Did a fresh install of rt-3.6.3 and I notice FireFox and IE rendering

Firefox seems to render correctly, but IE “cramps” the two columns together
and overlaps them slightly.

Try to explain a bit better… the two ticket lists (10 highest, 10 newest)
are one column and the Reminders/QuickSearch are the 2nd Column. There’s a
gap between the two columns. the lefthand border of each block has the few
pixel blue bar. in IE, the right-hand column’s blue bar seems to slightly
overhang the blocks of the 10tix items.

Anyone know the CSS tweak needed to fix this or have a good idea what it is
before I start drudging through it?

fyi - the 3.4-compat CSS seems to do something very similar.

help is much appreciated.

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