Changing Ticket Id Sequence No


I’ve searched several times through the mailing lists and was wondering if
it is possible to change the start number for the ticket ids? For
example, we’ll be migrating from one system to RT but we’d like to keep
the last sequence on the old system, 115835, and start with RT at ticket
id 115836. Is this possible?

On a slightly related note, could one embed today’s date in $rtname - akin
to OTRS, e.g. [Ticket#20070816000001] - and parse out the ticket id via
regex when needed? If I am not misreading it, I believe this is in the
release notes of 3.6.4 (Subject: [not-rtname-token-that-match-re
#{ $Ticket->id }])… Is this achieved with EmailSubjectTagRegex where I
would parse out only the ticket id?

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