Changing the RT subject delimiter

Hi Folks,

Recently our corporate IT folk have changed the lotus notes mail templates, such that when a user replies to a ticket via email, it now strips anything in square brackets from the subject line.

This means that every time a user replies to an email, it results in the creation of a new ticket.

It seems that this is associated with the new use of security tags (eg [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]). While I have been pursuing IT to get this behavior fixed, its not likely to happen particularly quickly if at all.

So it seems to me that the easiest fix would be to change RT to use something other than square brackets for tagging the queue and ticket number. I see that ExtractSubjectTagMatch can be modified to help detect a different delimiter, however I haven’t really see how to change what is used.

We are currently using RT 4.2.9.

Is someone able to provide some guidance, or another suggestion?



Any suggestions, or should this be posted in the developers queue?