Change Ticket Subject Match

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it’s possible to change the Subject Match of the tickets.

Original version: #12345

Desired version: #$Customer$Year-$Id

Example - #RT2023-12345

Ant thoughts?

Thank you in advance

You can see here, we talked about how to change the behavior of how RT figures out which subject matches an existing ticket

Yes sorry @knation I forgot to meation I do not want to change the source code

Oh I don’t think you could do this easily. One hacky way is to have a scrip run on create and merge the new ticket into an existing one if it matches some already created ticket. Do you not have access to the source?

It is possible to use a script between email-subsystem and RT. In this script one can look for some email-header, prevent loops, do some other things and even patch the subject.

If you do not want to change RT’s source you can use any tool to modificate the email before piping to rt-mailgate. Even if the ticket-ID is missing in the subject you can look for a header (written by the scrip-template) to patch the subject and insert the ticket-ID again.