Change the logo

Hi everyone

I am trying to change the logo and the link on the frontpage and the
header but for some reason it ios not working.


RT::LogoURL /rt3/NoAuth/images/mtllogo.jpg
RT::LogoWidth 92
RT::LogoHeight 50
RT::MasonDataDir /var/cache/rt3/mason_data

settings all show to the correct settings by clearing my browser cache
nothing seems to work.

Can anybody help please

Thanks kobus

Kobus Bensch NF wrote:

Drew Barnes wrote:

ChangeLogo - Request Tracker Wiki

I think the relevant line for Kobus Bensch is:

“Restart your webserver and enjoy a highly configurable logo.”



Thanks for the replies and Robert was right. After a lot of pulling hair
as a last resort i restarted my apache and it worked.

Thanks again


Robert Long wrote: