Change requestor and send template on create


In a new queue I am setting up there are two tasks that I looking to run when a ticket is generated:

  1. Change the requestor for the ticket (based on the ticket contents), and
  2. Notify the new requestor using a defined template.

What I have tried is doing this with two different scrips that run On Create. The problem I am having is that for (2) the template is going to the original requestor, not the one set in step (1). The scrips are listed for the queue in the stated order, and alphabetically the names are in the same order too if that matters.

I have also tried merging the code that changes the requestor in to the template, but the results come out the same.

Any suggestions on a better way to handle this would be appreciated. Thanks!


Jonathan Delgado, Research Systems Manager
Dept. of Molecular Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital