Change Management

Good morning,

I have set up RT 4.10 on a system & would like to move our Change
Management & System Access Requests to it. I am working off of this:

I have set this up, but want to ask some questions as I don’t want to get
too deep then find out that I cannot do what I need to do.

I have the following criteria:

  • Define the criticality (i.e. Minor, Low, Medium, High, Critical)
  • Different Approval Groups (Infrastructure, Systems, Dev, Security, etc)
  • Tie an approval chain to the various groups. (i.e. Infrastructure would
    require sign off by an Infrastructure team member, Infrastructure Manager,
    Security, but if it was high or critical, it would also require the VP of
  • Have groups within the approval chain (i.e. Security Group - any one of
    the people can approve for Security representative).
  • Capture who signed with date and time.
  • Definable workflow - First it goes to Team Member & Manager, after
    approval it goes to Security, finally after approve by Security it goes to
    VP. of I.T. - this is not as critical if everyone gets it at the same time
    (but if its approved by everyone except security, then everyone would need
    to know that it was rejected including the people who have already approved

Is this possible to do with RT?

Thanks! and sorry for getting long winded a bit, I need to implement
something like this in a hurry and I am really hoping RT can do the trick
for me.

Kevin Holleran
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Grand Valley State University
Master of Business Administration
Western Michigan University

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