Change Management/Approvals

Good afternoon,

I know I have emailed in several times about this. I was going to use the
__Approvals queue for this but I just couldn’t get my mind wrapped around
using the template to script ticket creations based on criteria. So I am
currently creating a perl module that will create a series of tickets based
on some criteria. One of those criteria is the change impact. My logic is:

if (impact_int >= 0) {

create approval ticket for group InfoSec

create approval ticket for requesting department Manager

if (impact_int >= 1 && impact_int < 3) {

create approval ticket for group Managers (restrict to NOT requesting

department manager)

if (impact_int == 2) {

create another approval ticket for group Managers --> how to restrict?

(like above & so the same manager does not approve 2 tickets)

if (impact_int >= 3) {

create approval for all users in group Managers --> Do not need Manager

group as every manager must sign

if (impact_int >= 4) {

create ticket for VP of I.T.

My question - is there a way to create a group ticket but prevent the same
person from approving multiple tickets assigned to the group with the same
parent ticket? So I want two different people in the manager queue to
approve a change, I would create two child tickets tied to the change
ticket, assign them to the Managers group, but I don’t want manager Bill to
approve both. However, there are 6 possible managers that can approve the
change & I only need 2.

Is this possible?


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