Change mail's subject sents by RT

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This seems to be very simple… but i’m not finding the right file to change… I’d like to change the subject of all e-mail’s sents by RT (or more specifically, by RT scrips).
Instead send e-mail with this subject
"[ #88] subject"
I’d want such as
"[RT DSIN #88] subject"

Which does file I need change to resolve this???

OBS: I tried change the $FriendlyFromLineFormat int but nothing happens… and $UseFriendlyFromLine is seted.

Thank’s ALL.


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The value you want to change is $rtname. So you should add a line to

Set($rtname , “RT DSIN”);

Also you should not edit, put anything you want to modify
into the, so if you upgrade your changes won’t get

Joby Walker
C&C Computer Operations Software Support Group

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