Change default "Update Type" from Comments to Reply whenResolve is clicked

I did this on mine to have Reply to Requestors as the default for

Changes to Update.html

my ($CommentDefault, $ResponseDefault);
Change this line: if ($Action ne ‘Respond’) {

if ($Action ne ‘Respond’ && $DefaultStatus ne ‘resolved’) {

It’s around line 160.-----Original Message-----
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Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 12:57 PM
Subject: [rt-users] Change default “Update Type” from Comments to Reply
whenResolve is clicked

When you click on Resolve link in the Ticket view page, it takes you to
the page containing the form where you can resolve the ticket. Note
that the “Update Type” defaults to “Comments (Not sent to requestors)”.

How can I chage it so that it defaults to “Reply to Requestors”?

I’ve been staring at the code a bit; I think Ticket/Update.html is where
the magic happens:

% if ($CanComment) { ><&|/l&>Comments (Not sent to requestors) % } % if ($CanRespond) { ><&|/l&>Reply to requestors % }

The HTML source does show the drop-down item Comments is SELECTED. Now
I just need to figure out how to get “Reply to requestors” selected



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I am looking to change the “Update Type” from Comments to Reply when
resolving a ticket. A google produced the following link:

However when I try to follow the advise in the response, I don’t have
the same code. I inherited a system to maintain which still runs 3.0.0,
so that is probably the problem. I am looking into updating but can’t
right now due to the need to keep the current system available. [Need to
update Perl and MySQL to use the new stuff and trying to keep from
breaking the old system] In the meantime, can anyone suggest a way to
solve the original problem of changing the Update Type? The code in
question looks like this (lines 145-150 of Ticket/Update.html) :

my ($CommentDefault, $ResponseDefault);
if (($Action eq ‘Comment’) or ($ARGS{‘UpdateType’} eq ‘private’)) {
$CommentDefault = “SELECTED”;
} else {
$ResponseDefault = “SELECTED”;

I am reasonably proficient with coding, but I am hesitant to break the
working rt system.