CF 'Multiple files' / 'Multiple images' behavior


I’d like to discuss the behavior of the custom fields of type “Multiple files” and “Multiple images” upload.
It’s only possible to upload one file at a time.

This behavior is slow, painful and don’t work for the requestors.
Requestors can only upload multiple files on ticket attachments, but in cases where there are groups of files, it’s not good to send them all in only one place.
There is also the case where it’s needed to make ticket’s children with CFs based on the parent’s ones. The files won’t be transferred to children’s, and there are cases when it is important.

A change in the behavior of this types of CFs would be good: selecting/sending multiple files at once (and enabling requestors to do that too).

Please, let me know if there is a reason about this behavior or if there is another place where I shoud make this request.

Thanks in advance

I forgot…

I’m using RT 4.4.2