CC-recipients not sent although properly configured!


on RT 3.0.10 (Windows) the sending of emails to CC-Recipients does not

In my opinion everything is configured correctly, i.e.:

  • In the config file I have added the following lines:

    Set($ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs , 1);
    Set($RTAddressRegexp , ‘^$’);

  • The Scrips are configured correctly.

  • In the log you can read this:

    [Mon Aug 2 13:43:32 2004] [info]:
    rt-3.0.10-55-262.18.5626220703125@KEY-TEC sent To: Cc: Bcc:
    (C:/Program Files/OurInternet/Common/…/Request

    i.e. the CC-Recipient is correct.

  • But: only the client gets the email, although the CC-Recipient is
    correctly shown in the email, but it is not sent to him.

  • This is because the CC-Recipient is correctly in the MIME-Header of
    the mail, but it is not sent to him.

Has anyone had similar problems?

Thanks in advance,

Christian Fischer