CC-ing Other Queues in RT?

Hello all,
I’ve been 'round the list looking for an answer to this, and can’t find
one - my apologies if it’s already been answered:

How might I configure RT to accept mail from itself across queues?

To elaborate: I’ve got a number of queues maintained by disparate groups
of people; it’s common for someone in my group to receive a ticket which
requires action by one of the other groups. I’d like for them to simply
be able to CC that other group’s RT queue on a reply from the first
ticket and have it create a ticket there, with correspondence on that
new ticket added back to the first ticket.

Is this something that can be done? Is it something that I should do,
or is there some other more elegant method of achieving a similar
workflow? I appreciate any and all insights you might have to offer.

Thanks in advance!

Jeff Albert

This is generally a very bad idea, because it is very easy for a loop to
be generated:

Ticket A has Ticket B as a CC, and Ticket B has Ticket A as a CC, then
on Reply Ticket A emails B, who emails back to Ticket A…

We’ve implemented a new link type for this scenario – Super/Sub, with
the following workflow:

  1. On creating a Sub ticket the create message is added to the Super
    ticket as a comment
  2. A reply on the Sub ticket is added as a comment on the Super ticket
  3. Super can optionally push a reply or comment to the sub ticket as a

This works in most scenarios but we’ve considered adding some additional
bits to RT::Interface::email::Gateway to allow us to create additional
tickets by using the email “+” syntax.

Most email servers should ignore anything between a + and @ in an
address. For example: is the same as

So we’ve speculated that if we add some smarts to Gateway to detect an
RT address with the + syntax a new ticket is created for that specific
address. We could then implement some nifty auto linking so:

address+new@ – creates a new ticket (instead of just going to the old

address+refer@ – creates a new ticket that refers to the old ticket

address+depend@ – creates a new ticket that depends on the old ticket.

This work is just speculation now since we have other priorities…

Joby Walker
C&C SSG, University of Washington

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