Catch Email in event of MySQL failure

We have RT 1.0.2 installed on a system using qmail (and we use stripmime
too). I have noticed that, in times of MySQL errors, that RT drops
emails. Our logs show the Email going through to the command, but the
Perl interface simply dumping some stuff back out to STDERR that qmail
dosen’t pick up on. Therefore, when the MySQL database is unreachable,
all Emails to the system are just dropped into the bitbucket since qmail
thinks the command completed successfully. I spent a while cruising
around the usual places and haven’t found any programs already written to
handle this on the public sites anywhere.

My question to the list would be, has anyone else noticed this issue and
perhaps written a script to catch Emails in the event the RT Email gateway
reports fatal errors? If not I’d be more than happy to hack one together
and post it up on the list somewhere.

It is also a possible feature that RT 2.0 might want to encompass. If,
for some reason, the DBI/DBD drivers fail to connect or run a required
query, that they dump the message contents to a file somewhere that can be
manually imported into the RT system later by an admin once the DB Error
has been fixed.


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