Can't use "due < 'today'"?

Hi all,

On RT 4.4.1. I have a cron job that looks for tickets with (status = “scheduled” AND “Due <= now + 8 hours”). This generally catches tickets that will be due in the next business day, and from there I can reopen them.

Sometimes the cron job doesn’t run during one of those windows (say, if the server is offline for maintenance). To catch this, I’d like to just catch any tickets with a due date in the past, and reopen them. However, I cannot use a due date in the past, e.g. “Due < ‘today’” - it never returns any results, even though I do have tickets with Due in the past. Due dates in the future, e.g. “Due > ‘today’” work just fine, but anything in the past never seems to match.

Any suggestions?



Looks like there’s something funky with my custom status of “scheduled” because when I change the query to “stalled” instead, it works fine.