Can't see saved searches for other groups

Our company is using RT 3.4.1. A month or so ago our billing team lead
asked me to add privileges to RT so that the members of our QA team
could see and load her billing saved searches, but not edit them. We
had that working until last week, when she claims a recent change I made
has locked everyone out. I checked it out and found that not only can
the QA team not see billing’s saved searches, but neither can I nor our
VP, and we have super-user privileges.

From the look of it, nobody can see any group’s saved searches except
those groups to which they belong. In the query builder’s Saved
Searches box, neither the Privacy nor the Load Saved Search drop-down
list show billing’s saved searches. But I’ve triple-checked the
privileges and still can’t figure out why not.

In the global settings, everyone has rights to Create Saved Search, Edit
Saved Searches, Load Saved Search, and Show Saved Searches. Also, all
members of the company have the Modify Self privilege. (I read from one
of the archived messages that Modify Self was important.)

In the settings for the billing group, the billing group has rights to
Edit Saved Searches and Show Saved Searches, and the QA group has the
right to Show Saved Searches. Just for good measure, I also granted the
entire company the Show Saved Searches right. (It didn’t help.) There
is no “Load Saved Search” right at the group level.

What setting(s) am I missing?

– Trevin Beattie