Can't load user error during installation

After blowing away my install on RHEL and starting over, I’ve gotten to setting the root password for RT as per the installation instructions using the script “/opt/rt5/sbin/rt-passwd root”. Running this script I get the error Can’t load user: Couldn’t find row.

Everything appears to have gone correctly during the DB configuration and the rest of the install. Any help would be appreciated.

If you go to the web URL for RT do you hit the login page? The default password for root is ‘password’ so you could try logging into with that

I haven’t completed the we configuration yet, I’m referring to the Verify the installation step in the install process…

Where are those instructions from? Did you run make initdb yet or the corresponding setup database step I forget the exact instruction?

Yes, everything has worked out leading to this, including initializing the database. My guess is the row being referenced is a data table row in rt5 DB. There was a lot missing from the instructions at

Okay I actually have it up and running on the local server. I found some other instructions that had me launch the script at /opt/rt5/sbin/rt-server and I walked through that configuration. But now it only works if I don’t exit that command. Do I need to run that every time I start the server?

You need to have a web server more or less run that command, typically Apache with this configuration is the best way to go:

Oh crap! I did install Apache but assumed that running that web ui configuration tool would have et that up. More work to do!!! Thanks.
Also, I’d like to upgrade this to RTIR before I do too much else with it. any good resource for that process?

RTIR is an extension to RT so once RT is installed you can install RTIR: