Can't change user email addr in 2.0.14?

Hello. A member of our team recently took a job in another town. He is
still working for us as a consultant and needs access to the system, but he
has a new email address. When I go to Configure::User and pull up his
screen I have been able to modify various fields, but when I try to update
the email address field I get the message

     EmailAddress: Illegal value for EmailAddress

and the address remains unchanged. I know that there are plenty of tickets
in the system that have him as requester/owner, and I may have put his
email address in as a CC on few items without assigning his account. Is
there any magic that I need to do in order to get the user profile updated
with the new address, or am I missing something fundamental about how user
accounts and addresses work?

Thanks in advance,


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Christopher Kolar wrote:

    EmailAddress: Illegal value for EmailAddress

There already exists a user with the email addres you’re
trying to assign.
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