Can't call method "GetHeader" on an undefined value

This morning, my production RT server pitched an error on a global scrip, then the web UI would hung and not let anyone log in. Can anyone make anything of this message? RT has been oddly flakey since our IT group moved it to a VM. It’s making me a bit nervous. It seems to have continued creating the ticket, but not without wigging out first.

[Fri Oct 2 17:21:11 2009] [error]: Scrip 16 Commit failed: Can’t call method “GetHeader” on an undefined value at (eval 2250) line 1.

[(eval 2250):1]
[Fri Oct 2 17:21:11 2009] [info]: rt-3.4.5-4232-1254504069-720.592-22-0@TiVo #592/16511 - Scrip 22 Notify Ccs on New Ticket (/usr/lib/rt
[Fri Oct 2 17:21:12 2009] [debug]: About to think about scrips for transaction #16513 (/usr/lib/rt/RT/

It’s a scrip to set priority based on the to header. I’ve never seen GetHeader fail before.

my $to = $self->TransactionObj->Attachments->First->GetHeader(‘To’);
$RT::Logger->debug(“To email was: $to”);
if ($to =)
return 1;

return 0;

Kimberly McKinnis
System Operations Engineer
Service Provider Division, TiVo Inc