Cannot add documents into RT

You will see, I am new to RT and I was putting it to my liking, when suddenly, I saw that when creating a ticket, I cannot attach a PDF or JPG, since I get an error, I attach an image.

However I can attach; .doc , .txt , .xls

It’s strange, why can it be?

Thanks all.

Are you able to check the server logs for more info?

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Can’t see anything in var/loc/apache2/error.log and can’t see any other files.

What should it be?


Do you have a file size limitation on the uploads? Maybe in the Apache configuration for the FastCGI module (if you’re using that)? There’s might be a default that means small documents upload OK but larger images fail.

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I don’t remember using FastCGI in apache, should I install it?

In addition, in the RT WebUI itself, this section appears in Bytes.


See if you have a mod_fcgid set up in your Apache config. If you do, the RT documentation tells us, the default upload size used to be 1GB but it was changed at some point to 128K.

A quick test might be to make a small image less than 128K (say less than 50K to be on the safe side) and see if you can upload that. if you can, then its likely to be a file size limit somewhere in your web server config. If you can’t then you need to track down where what ever is causing the 500 error your browser is seeing is being logged on your web server to see what is causing the internal error.

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Hello good morning,

I searched ‘mod_cfgid’ with locate or grep and it doesn’t appear

root@rtserver:~# locate mod_fcgid

I searched for the ‘FcgidMaxRequestLen’ parameter both with ‘Locate’ and with ‘grep’ and it doesn’t appear in any file, except in /rt-5.0.0/devel/tools/rt-apache2
Where the value of the parameter is correct, I attach a photo.


I have tried what you mentioned to attach a smaller image and without problem.
I don’t see any mod_fcgid.conf file

PD: Is it possible that all this comes because I don’t have PHP installed?
In case you have to install it, it would wipe something from the current configuration or something from RT5.0.0

Update: I find this error when creating the ticket, which kind of confirms that it is too big, but I can’t find the file to be able to modify it.

[Fri Nov 25 09:03:52.729486 2022] [fcgid:warn] [pid 24969:tid 139682025252416] [client *****:18803] mod_fcgid: **HTTP request length 132653 (so far) exceeds MaxRequestLen (131072)**, referer: http://*****:8081/Ticket/Cr>

Thanks and sorry, I’m new to this and php doesn’t appear anywhere in the installation docs.

@GreenJimll @knation

Your attachment is likely bigger than the size you have shown in that screen shot right?

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Yes, but if you pass this number, which is in Bytes, to KB or MB it is much bigger than the size of my file.
I really don’t understand, such an easy thing, how can it get so complicated.

This error…

[Tue Nov 29 08:21:21.251028 2022] [fcgid:warn] [pid 53811] [client *****:13592] mod_fcgid: HTTP request length 131705 (so far) exceeds MaxRequestLen (131072), referer: http://*****:8081/Ticket/Create.html

Thank you

What that error log tells you is that you’ve not changed the mod_fcgid maximum request length. Either the config fragment you showed us isn’t being read by your Apache server (which might well be the case given the file path you showed looks like its in a development branch of RT), or its being overridden by another bit of Apache config, or you didn’t restart your web server after changing it.

And this is nothing to do with PHP - this is mod_fcgid module configuration in Apache, which is what your RT is running under.

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Thank you very much to all.
Maybe the fault was very simple and I couldn’t see it.

Solution: Add in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf following code

<IfModule mod_fcgid.c>
MaxRequestLen 15728640 #15MB

Thank all and sorry for my incompetence.