Canned searches by CustomField


I have a CustomField containing a list of all of our customers. When
a ticket is opened, the customer service rep selects the customer from
this field.

Management wants a way to easily view all open tickets by customer.
Rather than creating a query, they want to just select the customer
name from a drop-down and see all of the customers’ open tickets. I
could do a separate dashboard for each customer, but that seems

I’m sure there’s a straightforward way to do this, but the archives
seem to be full of discussions on searching custom fields and not how
to get a drop-down based search.

Any suggestions?


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Must it really be a drop-down? With RTx::Tags you can do a simple search:


It doesn’t currently support searching for values with embedded spaces,
but there’s no reason you couldn’t customize it. You could even tweak the
cloud from operating on the tags Custom Field to the Customer CF, thereby
solving your “point and click” interface problem as well.
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