Canned Replies Contribution - use for Create Ticket

Dear All,

I am successfully using the “CannedReplies” contribution that can be
found in the rt wiki. This contribution allows the use of templates as
predefined text-modules to insert into a reply or comment when updateing
a ticket.

My users are now asking to use this functionality when creating a new
ticket via the Creation button on top of the page as well. I am trying
to achieve this and have been able to insert the dropdown into
Create.html populated with the templates available for the queue the
ticket is about to be created in.

I haven’t been able to manage the insertion of a template into the
content. When clicking the “insert canned reply” button (new button
created with the canned replies contribution), the form is submitted and
the ticket is created with empty content.

I am using rt 3.4.1 on Debian

Thanks for any advise, ideas …

Best regards

Tobias Heinz