Can RT push events?


Can RT push events to an outside target?
e.g. new ticket arrives, RT sends an event to 0/RabbitMQ…
Looked through docs, I see REST API which is complementary to this… but no mention of sending events.
Is there such a module?
If not, is there a similar module (maybe a logging module) that could be used as template for doing this?


Yes, you can do this using RT’s scrip interface. To send a message when a ticket is created, you can create a new scrip with a condition “On Create”. In the action, you can write any Perl code you need to send the event. So if you want to send to RabbitMQ, you might use Net::RabbitMQ or similar module to send a message. You can find more info on creating actions and conditions in the docs. For RT before 4.4.2, this is a useful extension: RT::Extension::AdminConditionsAndActions

Awesome. Thx for the fast and concise answer!