Callback in External CustomFieldValues


I’m currently utilizing External CustomFieldValues which works great. However I’d need to be able to have a callback to the custom field so that I can do some filter logic. For one level this works fine with category => “XXX” but in this case I want to use multi-level categories which leaves some issues as the 3rd step wont know of the value of the upper parent in the chain.

Any advices if this is possible?


So I’ve come to realize that I can use the following snippet within the External Custom Field.

    my $self = shift;
    my $ticket = $self->CustomFieldObject->ContextObject;
    my $cf_customer = $ticket->FirstCustomFieldValue('XXX');

However, this would require the end-users to save each subsequent custom field before selecting the next one which would case a lot of clicking around. Preferably this would be handled dynamically as “category” is done.