Cacti+RT Plotting Inquiry

Hi all,

I’m looking to take on a creative project, which probably doesn’t require
much effort using some effective perl scripting. I’m currently looking into
creating Cacti graphs based on a few objects:

  1. The number of tickets in every RT queue, each in a seperate graph.
  2. The average user response time per ticket. This would require taking the
    timestamp from the initial response of a ticket subtracted from the original
    request and plotting the value into Cacti.

Would anyone suggest any Perl modules or general approach to going
interfacing this with Cacti? Perhaps it’ll just require pulling some data
from a MySQL database and just using DBD::MySQL?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also if possible, please cc: (my personal address) with any replies. If not, I can check
back on this e-mail as well.