Bulk Update - edit custom fields - again :-(

Hi Jesse,

We’ve just upgraded our RT to 3.4.2 on FC4 with fastcgi. All is working
fine and superfast thanks to fastcgi :slight_smile:

However the ability to edit custom fields on a bulk update has
disappeared again. :frowning:
Reading through the user mailling list i found this recent quote from
you …

Bulk Update page, I don’t see ticket custom fields at all. (They existed
in 3.4.1 but were quite buggy and got pulled. It is soemthing we’ve
implemented in the QUEBEC branch for 3.6 and I suspect it could be
backported without much trouble)

Is there any possibility of a backport in the near future? Can it
possibly be done with Callbacks similar to the patch on the wiki for

Thanks in advance,