Bulk reply to tickets / include standard reply

Dear List,

Sorry to have to post an RT2 question, but quite a few installs still
exist so hopefully someone can assist.

I’m attempting to extend the TemplateAnswers package to include bulk replying
using a template.

I followed the existing model, and was successfully able to add a drop-down
with my templates into Create in {$RT}/local/html/Ticket/Create.html and
Update.html, referencing the local Elements/TemplateList.

What I then tried to do was duplicate this logic over in a local
{$RT}/local/html/Search/Bulk.html . Adding the line of code;

Use Template: <& Elements/TemplateList, id => $Ticket->QueueObj->Id,
QuoteTransaction=>$ARGS{QuoteTransaction}, Source=>‘Update’ &>

To the local Bulk.html, and creating a local Search/Elements/TemplateList.

But it was not to be.

Instead of bulk template replying joy, what instead resulted was this:

System error
error: Error during compilation of
Global symbol “$Ticket” requires explicit package name at
/usr/local/rt2/local/WebRT/html/Search/Bulk.html line 113.


109: Comments (not sent to requestors)
110: Response to requestors
113: Use Template: <& /Ticket/Elements/TemplateList, id =>
$Ticket->QueueObj->Id, QuoteTransaction=>$ARGS{QuoteTransaction},
Source=>‘Update’ &>
117: Subject:

Subsequent trial/error had literal references to TemplateList, references
to <& /Ticket/Elments/TemplateList …> , and so forth.

Since I’m not very perl intelligent, can someone just explain what it
is attempting to fetch here, and why it cannot, and suggest something
to plug in?

Thanks everyone, RT rocks…