Building up/Help with updated installation guide - RT 4.4 + Debian 9.4.0 Stretch + PostgreSQL + Nginx with FastCGI

Hello, ladies and gentleman.
I work on a first installation of RT, but didnt find a detailed or updated guide for inexperienced users (Be it from RT or web services).
Starting from this, with the help of the community, try to build something more updated (As I also learn the best way, the best order to: install and configure DB, web service and RT, etc.), for the environment mentioned in the title (Initially, and then incrementing with other possibilities as another DB, web service, distro), some to work “out of the box”, in the near future, put in a docker image.
The most recent i found in Installation Guide its for Debian Jessie with MySQL.

I’m at the beginning. The steps I’ve taken so far were:
1 - Install DB¹
1.1 - PostgreSQL

apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib postgresql-client rt4-db-postgresql

¹ Here says to install rt4-db-mysql (i guess it’s the same for rt4-db-postgresql) after install RT4 but in this implementation, installed together with DB. Some “right way”?

2 - Install Web Server
2.1 - NGINX²

apt install nginx nginx-common nginx-full rt4-fcgi

² Here he install rt4-fcgi at same time with request-tracker4. Some “right way”?

3 - Install RT
3.1 - 4.4

aptitude install request-tracker4

3.1.1 - Some settings will be requested, such as “name for the RT instance?”, “handle site config permissions?” and “configure db with dbconfig-common?”**

** This option automatically configures a DB in postgreSQL.

3.2 -
X.1 - Configure NGINX
X.1.1 - This is enough?
X.1.1.1 - This goes inside the http block, right? (/etc/nginx/nginx.conf)

X.2 - Configure RT (Whether it’s setup for operation or for usability)

X.3 - Other?
X.4 - Some “tips and tricks”??

If there is already a post for this purpose or some material already made that makes this unnecessary, I did not find … post the link plz.
Thnks in advance.